Mobilaris and Zinkgruvan collaborate to digitalize operations.

Mobilaris and Zinkgruvan Mining AB have worked together to set up a full site coverage, communication, and positioning infrastructure. Zingkgruvan was looking to find solutions to digitalize their operations to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity. During the project, Mobilaris Virtual Tag™ was developed. The tag can run on a smartphone and enables positioning functionality between the different areas of the mining site.

‘Mobilaris Virtual Tag is a mobile app running in the background of your Android smartphone. The solution enables a seamless positioning service when moving between underground, surface, and indoors. The application continuously scans and reports radio references such as LTE radio cells, Wi-Fi access points, GPS, and BLE anchors. These references calculate the position in real-time via the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence platform.’, says Marcus Ek, Product Manager at Mobilaris.

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2021-06-04 | Mobilaris | Sweden | Views 931